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20 Days
Antminer S19Pro 20Days
Service Fee
The service fee refers to the operation and maintenance expenses incurred by 1024Mining to ensure the stable operation of the mining machine.
Hashrate fee
Cloud computing power fees refer to the fees paid when purchasing computing power through cloud services.
Sold 30%
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Fill out
the 1024Mining survey
and win three gifts
1.Give away BTC limited edition commemorative and other souvenirs
2.Give Ant pro s19 10th for free mining to obtain BTC (May use 2 USDT to purchase 20Th hashrate)
3.Complimentary 50 USDT discount code
Fill out the survey
Terms and rules
1.The bonus or prize will be sent to the winner's mailbox by email, please check it.
2.During the questionnaire, each participant can only have a chance to win.
3.Participants need to leave their email address at the end of the investigation to enter the lottery.
4.1024Mining will randomly select 20 winners from eligible participants.
5.At the end of the survey, 1024Mining will contact 20 winners via email.
6.1024Mining reserves the right to cancel the right to submit false information and/or multiple participants who submit questionnaires.
7.The 1024Mining team will ensure that the information you provide will not be used to any purpose except for this questionnaire survey. All the information collected by this questionnaire will be anonymous and strictly confidential.
8.The final interpretation right of the questionnaire was owned by 1024Mining Vietnam.
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