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Service Fee
The service fee refers to the operation and maintenance expenses incurred by 1024Mining to ensure the stable operation of the mining machine.
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Cloud computing power fees refer to the fees paid when purchasing computing power through cloud services.
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Our Mission

Let everyone in the world own Bitcoin and enjoy the wealth brought by Bitcoin.

Our clients have earned over 60 million dollars

Company Profile

The 1024Mining team has been engaged in the research and development of digital mining products for many years. It comes from Wall Street entrepreneurial elites and the Bit Fund Association to provide one-stop solutions for global mines, including mine construction, mine pool construction, and mine financing. Utilizing advanced energy management systems, rationally allocating resources, and integrating the computing power of global mining machines to maximize the benefits of global users is a brand new B-to-B-to-C cloud mining model.

Since the establishment of the company, 1024Mining has made outstanding achievements in the field of blockchain mining. We are headquartered in New York and have established branches in the United States, Europe, and other countries to meet the needs of customers around the world. We are proud of our professional software and innovation management team and continue to drive our global business expansion.

The cloud mining machines of the 1024Mining application mainly come from the company’s self-operated mines, third-party cooperative mines, large-scale compliance data centers, and self-developed state-of-the-art management systems to provide you with computing power leasing business. 1024Mining cloud mining is to use technical means to unite various mining factories around the world to form a large mining pool, integrate and package the computing power of all mining machines for institutions, and allow C-end users to sell them to obtain fee income, making the global digital Mining develops healthily in an orderly environment and is your best mining service provider.

We partner with the Bitcoin Association, adhering to a common philosophy and goals. Committed to promoting and developing Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Through our partnership with the Bitcoin Association, we have access to industry-leading guidance and professional support, further strengthening our position in the digital asset mining space. We always adhere to the concept of environmental protection and jointly support the use of green energy to promote sustainable development and environmental protection with the Bitcoin Association. We strive to reduce energy consumption and improve our commitment by using innovative solutions to reduce our environmental impact. 1024Mining will provide you with everything you need for the normal operation of resources, create mining infrastructure for you, have advanced high-end technical capabilities and computing power, reduce unnecessary costs, and increase profits. We work together with the Bitcoin Association to promote the development of the digital asset field, create a green economy for our customers, and contribute to society and the environment.

Join 1024Mining, you will have more opportunities and potential. Our team will continue to work on the research and development of innovative technologies to promote the development and change of the industry. The management mining machines launched by 1024Mining are running stably. Whether you are a novice or an experienced miner, we will be your reliable partner. Let’s cooperate with the Bitcoin Association to create greater success and opportunities in the field of digital asset mining!

Data Center Locations

Our Mining Data Centers are located in Kazakhstan.

Power System

We use Hydropower & Wind power, 0.05 $/kWh

Data Center Hardware

The newest ASIC miner, GPU rigs are Ready to mine.

Cooling System

Air cooling system and Water cooling system keeping temperature: 20-24°C.

Security/Fire Protection

24/7 on-site guards, intrusion detection systems, IP-DVR cameras.

Our Team

Our mining team come from in blockchain industry and IT engineers.

Our Team

1024Mining has a professional and passionate team. The team members are composed of Wall Street elites and experienced professionals in the industry. They have been engaged in the research and development of digital mining products for many years. Each member has profound knowledge and technology in the field of blockchain mining, is familiar with the latest industry trends and technological developments, and is committed to continuous learning and innovation.

Collaboration and cooperation are the core values of the 1024Mining team. We encourage communication and knowledge sharing among members to foster teamwork and innovation. Our software and innovation management teams are key to our success. Continuously develop and optimize our mining software to ensure its efficient and stable operation. Continuous innovation to improve mining efficiency and the user experience. The expertise and skills of the 1024Mining team provide customers with reliable technical support and solutions.

1024Mining focuses on team development and growth. Provide training and professional development opportunities for team members to help them continuously improve their skills and expertise. Our team also focuses on the sharing of team spirit and values, reducing energy consumption and improving environmental protection through continuous innovation, creating a green economy for customers, and making positive contributions to society and the environment. Whether in technology, management, or teamwork, 1024Mining is constantly exploring and growing. We provide customers with excellent digital asset mining services with excellent team capabilities and professional knowledge, and we strive to become the industry leader.

Sustainable Development Concept

Sustainability is a core value of 1024Mining and an important part of our business philosophy. We incorporate it into every one of our business decisions. We firmly believe that we can achieve long-term commercial success only through rational use of resources, reduction of energy consumption, and protection of the environment.

We are committed to reducing energy consumption and improving environmental performance. We use extremely low-cost hydropower technology to minimize our carbon footprint, reduce environmental burdens, and reduce the impact of energy consumption on the environment and global climate change. Continuously improve the efficiency of mining equipment, optimize energy use, and explore greener energy sources to provide our customers with sustainable mining solutions. We believe that environmental protection and business success can be achieved together; only through active environmental protection, social responsibility, and economic interests can we truly achieve sustainable economic development.

1024Mining is constantly innovating and improving to ensure that our business is aligned with sustainable development goals. We welcome partners and customers from all walks of life to join us and work together to promote the development of the green economy and achieve mutual sustainable success.

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