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Beam Fierce Fermion 6.0 Upgrade

The Beam Fierce Fermion 6.0 upgrade will perform a hard fork at block height 1,280,00 (approximately June 13, 2021), so it is very important to complete all upgrade operations before then. 

1024 Mining users do not need to take any action.

Key points of this hard fork

  • Shaders (also known as smart contracts) pave the way for de-private DeFi, and we will usher in several decentralized applications (DAPPs) in Beam nodes and wallets.
  • The hard fork enabling Shaders will be executed at block height 1280000 .
  • Confidential Assets (private assets) have logged into the Beam desktop wallet. You can send or receive assets with regular or maximized privacy, obtain payment proofs, view balances and other information.
  • Over 180 mission updates and a lot of upgrade updates with bugfixes .

Upgrade and Improve

  • [Node] Embed Beam Virtual Machine (BVM) to run Shaders contracts
  • [Wallet] Run the Shaders App and enable the DAPPs built into the wallet (the first App is under development and will be released soon)
  • [Wallet] Embed the DAPP store and release the first DAPP with proof-of-concept mechanism
  • [Wallet] can generate or receive private assets
  • [Wallet] The sending and receiving interface becomes simple and easy to use
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