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The Bitcoin Cash
fork has been completed.
15 November 2020, 12:00 UTC
event block height
current block height
block time
Trading price
GRIN 3.12 m
total market
422.806 k

What is the GRIN fork event?

Hard fork refers to the modification of blockchain rules. The fourth network upgrade of the GRIN network took place on January 17. This fork will occur at block height 1048320. For information about this hard fork, please Click here to find out.

This fork is only a regular network upgrade, the algorithm will not be modified , and miners will not be affected .

The network upgrade made the following upgrades or changes

  • Improved the calculation logic of network fees;
  • Improved difficulty adjustment algorithm;
  • (Partial) Parallel IBD: Ready to support new and improved processing for initial sync and download of blockchain data;
  • Postpone locking outputs:  remove the rule to lock outputs during transaction construction before the final phase;
  • Delete the http listener of the external address: according to the deprecation statement of the v4.0.0 version, cancel the support for the insecure HTTP listener, and adopt the slatepack standard.
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