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15 November 2020, 12:00 UTC
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Ravencoin Production Cut

Ravencoin is similar to the Bitcoin blockchain in that every 21 million blocks , the block reward is halved. Ravencoin produces a block approximately every minute, so it is calculated that the output will be reduced approximately every 4 years, and Ravencoin will continue to maintain the production halving after every 21 million blocks until the reward is no longer halved.

The current Ravencoin block reward is 5000 RVN, and it is expected that after the halving in January 2022, the block reward will be reduced from 5000 RVN to 2500 RVN .

Why do you want to do this?

Traditional fiat currencies cause inflation after the government or banks print money, while in Ravencoin, the total supply of money will be limited to 21 billion RVN , issuing additional currency will cause inflation, but if not, with As demand increases, the price of Ravencoin should increase (more people will start using Ravencoin) as the demand for the coin increases but the money supply will decrease (no additional Ravencoins will be “issued”).

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