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The service fee refers to the operation and maintenance expenses incurred by 1024Mining to ensure the stable operation of the mining machine.
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Cloud computing power fees refer to the fees paid when purchasing computing power through cloud services.
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What is 1024Mining and how does it work?

1024Mining is the largest hash power market in the world today, which connects the sellers of hash power, namely miners, with the buyers of hash power. Hash power is a computer computing power resource used to describe the ability of your computer or mining hardware to run and solve the Proof-of-Work algorithm of different cryptocurrencies. The unique thing about 1024Mining service is that we only connect users from different terminals and do not provide any cloud mining service, which means that 1024Mining does not own or lease any mining machines or other mining equipment.

Hash Power Buyers

Buyers of computing power participate in this open market, where buyers can freely choose the cryptocurrency and mining pool they want to mine, set an acceptable price, and finally submit an order. Once the miners running 1024Mining Miner or other mining machines complete the order, the buyer of computing power will get the cryptocurrency mining income from the mining pool, which means that the buyer of computing power does not need to set up complex mining procedures for mining. There is also no need to invest a large amount of money to purchase hardware equipment such as mining machines.

Hash power sellers (miners)

Computing power sellers can run 1024Mining Miner, mining equipment (ASIC, etc.) or PCs, etc. to connect to 1024Mining Stratum servers, and provide computing power to buyers and other orders. For each effective computing power share, computing power sellers will get bitcoin income, and the specific income price is determined by the current weighted average and refreshed every minute. The above processes are all done automatically, without the need to learn complex skills.


After you register a new account at 1024Mining, if you are a hashrate seller/miner, you will receive mining income directly through your 1024Mining account, and you can withdraw your assets to any wallet. If you are a computing power buyer, you will purchase cloud computing power through 1024Mining for payment operations; All in all, whether you are a buyer or a seller of computing power, you can pay and withdraw funds through your wallet.

Register an account

You can register your own account on the account registration page, and set your email address and account password. After logging in for the first time, we strongly recommend that you complete the KYC verification in the settings to strengthen your account security.


1024Mining system will use English language, if you need to manually change the display language of the website, please manually select the language in the lower left corner of any web page of 1024Mining.

Can I cancel the 1024Mining account?

First of all, you can log in to your account and modify relevant information or materials.

If you still insist on deleting your account, please send an application email to Your account and all personal data will be deleted 30 days after you initiate the application.

In order to reasonably fulfill our legal obligations, meet legal regulatory requirements, resolve disputes, maintain security, and prevent fraud or abuse of our terms of service, we will still retain your personal data after you reasonably cancel your account. After your account is deleted, we will retain de-personalized data and fully encrypt it.

How should I reset the password after the password is lost?

If you have forgotten and lost your password, please click here to reset it, and the password modification can only be completed after confirming the verification password by email.

The following is a brief step-by-step guide for performing a password reset/modification of an account:

1.Visit the login interface and enter the email address corresponding to your 1024Mining account.

2.Check your email, get the verification password in the email and copy it.

3.Enter your password and click the button below.

Which is 1024Mining's official social media channel?

1024Mining has opened official channels on major social media, the following are the official 1024Mining social media channels you can trust:




If you find any social media accounts, groups or websites masquerading as 1024Mining, please report them through the social media reporting tool, or you can send an email to to notify us.

Specific procedures for inquiry

In order to prevent any attempt to disrupt the market, abuse the market or interrupt the operation of the market in the 1024Mining computing power market, 1024Mining will take any necessary measures. If you find any suspected behavior above and want to inform 1024Mining to take further measures, please contact us at, and please be informed:

1. We will not disclose any personal information unless requested to do so by an administrative authority pursuant to a court order;

2. After receiving your request for confirmation, we will take corresponding measures to verify your allegations and review the facts;

3. Based on our findings, we may ask you to provide additional information (personal data may be requested with your prior consent).

Please know that in order to take appropriate action, we require authentic, verifiable information.

How to complete the KYC verification process?

Some things you need to know before starting KYC verification:

You must be at least 18 years old.

KYC certification is only required when you need to use 1024Mining computing service or wallet and transaction service.

A 1024Mining account can only complete one KYC verification, and a user can only have one verified account.

Before the verification process, please prepare valid (not expired) ID documents, such as ID card, passport, driver's license, etc., and address proof documents must also be provided. Mobile phone camera for face recognition.

Where to find/start KYC verification?

  • Homepage--KYC (or Personal Center--KYC)
  • Select the authentication type (ID card, passport, driver's license)
  • Follow the prompts on the page to upload the corresponding content
  • click submit

Note: The certification result will be notified within 2 days.

What is KYC?

In order to meet the requirements of relevant industry laws and regulations, we have specified KYC related procedures, KYC (Know Your Customer) process and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policy, aiming to provide a safer and more transparent environment for cryptocurrency users.

At present, although we do not require you to complete the KYC verification process, we recommend that you complete the verification to maximize account security. For users who have registered accounts before but log in to the new platform for the first time, KYC verification must be completed;

KYC procedures generally achieve identity authentication by authenticating the user's identity documents (such as ID card or passport, driver's license, etc.). You cannot perform KYC verification for each 1024Mining account, and the same person cannot verify multiple 1024Mining accounts at the same time.

What kind of ID do I need to provide?

In order to successfully complete the KYC verification process, you must provide a photo of a legal ID issued by the local legal government, and include complete name, date of birth, etc. information.

You can choose to provide any ID card, passport, driver's license and follow the guidelines to complete the KYC certification process.

Face photo

ID card


Driver license

Uploaded ID photos should be clearly visible and no modified or edited photos are allowed.

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