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Where does Bitcoin decentralization go?

The uneasiness and agitation in the market that followed the Bitcoin halving was expected. The block price was halved to 3.125BTC, and the miners’ income was reduced by half. The market needs to be given a self-healing cycle, which will be determined by the market. The development of BTC It has gained a large number of loyal fans so far. Obviously, my team and I are honored to be one of them. We have been working on BTC for more than 10 years. At the end of 2022, we formed the current team to devote ourselves to the BTC career. During the past year, my assistant and I visited Asia-Pacific and South America. In many countries in the Middle East, I saw all kinds of things and met many interesting friends. What impressed me most was that among the 5,000 questionnaires we sent out, about 80% of people knew nothing about Bitcoin. After we completed the trip, we sorted out After obtaining the data and after intense brainstorming, we re-adjusted the market strategy. Of course, this is not what this article expresses.
In fact, what I want to express is that Bitcoin itself is a key. When entering the Hyperledger key, there are over 16,000 nodes worldwide. Today, it seems that the comparison standard product of Bitcoin should be gold, so it has the name of digital gold. I will not go into details here. I’m a big fan of Bitcoin. I have always felt that Bitcoin is one of the greatest inventions of modern civilization, but now that I am hesitant after market research, I need to redefine the concept of greatness. The word great must benefit all mankind and help more and more people. For example, Tesla’s invention of alternating current has helped all mankind. However, through surveys, many people around the world know nothing about Bitcoin and it has not changed them at all. life, so decentralization is a false proposition. As a supporter of Bitcoin or an opponent of Bitcoin, every action you take bears witness to Bitcoin’s path to greatness.

1024mining’s global development strategy has also been adjusted accordingly, and multiple branches have been established around the world. It is expected that by the end of 2024, 200 “Bitcoin Avenue” conferences will be held around the world to correctly, positively and actively popularize Bitcoin-related knowledge and engage in the distribution of Bitcoin peripheral products. The 1024mining Alliance truly uses relevant technologies and tools to spread and promote knowledge and serve more people. There is a long way to go, see you in 2028.


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