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The service fee refers to the operation and maintenance expenses incurred by 1024Mining to ensure the stable operation of the mining machine.
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Cloud computing power fees refer to the fees paid when purchasing computing power through cloud services.
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How much will you earn from mining at 1024Mining?

As a miner, you will receive mining benefits in the form of Bitcoin. The amount of Bitcoin benefits depends on the amount of computing power you provide to 1024Mining. If you want to know how much revenue your hardware can earn in a day or month, please visit 1024Mining and learn more about it in the profitability calculator. If your hardware is not listed on the page, you can download 1024Mining APP and run benchmark tests to understand your potential profitability.

Please note that the income will be expressed in Bitcoin, and the Fiat money price will be calculated according to the hourly exchange rate price change. The relevant data is for reference only.

The wallet platform has assigned me a new address, what should I do?

Usually, when your wallet provider assigns you a new payment address, you are still the owner of the old address, meaning that the old address is still available. Browse your address list on the wallet platform, and if you find your old address in the address list, you can still use it for mining and still receive mining profits using that address.

What is 1024Mining?

1024Mining is a free software that allows you to connect your PC or mining machine to the 1024Mining computing power market and rent computing power.

Does 1024Mining contain viruses?

1024Mining does not contain any viruses.

In addition to third-party mining software, we also use GPL Open-source software to build 1024Mining. We can assure you that the software built by 1024Mining does not contain any malware. However, we cannot guarantee third-party mining software. You need to make your own decision whether to use these software. Third party mining software is developed and maintained by anonymous developers, who charge fees to developers who use these software. These software are not open source, so we cannot verify whether the code is completely harmless.

Does 1024Mining support Windows XP or Linux operating systems?

1024Mining does not support Windows XP operating system, nor does it support any type of 32-bit operating system. Currently, only Windows 10 is supported, and some Windows Server versions may be supported, but we cannot guarantee its normal operation. It is worth mentioning that 1024Mining does not support running on Linux.

Will I lose mining profits during the shutdown or upgrade of 1024Mining products?

The answer is no.

Your mining income is stored in the Bitcoin address summary of 1024Mining. You can close, upgrade 1024Mining, or restart your PC at any time, which will not affect your income. However, it is worth mentioning that during the period when you close 1024Mining, you will not be able to obtain mining income (when you close your PC or your 1024Mining is in a non mining state).

How to add new mining machines?

Connect your ASIC device

You can connect your ASIC mining machine to the 1024Mining server for mining.

Register or log in to the 1024Mining website, visit the 'Mining' page, and click the 'Add Mining Machine' button.

Mining Machine Details Page

The mining machine management card can provide you with basic information about mining equipment. To obtain more detailed information, click on the device name to open the detailed information of the mining machine, or you can click on the More Options icon and then click on the Mining Machine Details.

On the mining machine details page, you can manage your mining machine and obtain all information such as the current status and revenue status of the mining machine. The mining machine ID is the unique identifier of the mining machine and can be provided to our staff in customer service.

On the mining equipment details page, you can monitor and manage a single device.

What is power mode?

The power mode setting allows you to change the TDP setting of the device. The thermal design power consumption (TDP) is the limit that the computer cooling system must be able to dissipate the maximum heat of computer chips or components (usually CPU or GPU). Reducing the power mode setting can effectively reduce the energy (power) consumption of your device.

You can set the power mode for the entire mining equipment, that is, set the same TDP setting for all equipment; Alternatively, you can open the mining machine details for each individual mining machine and set an independent power mode for each device.

  • Low power mode sets TDP to a level of 60%.
  • Set TDP to 80% in medium power mode.
  • High power mode increases TDP to 100% level.

How do I connect your Antminer mining machine to 1024Mining?

Step 1

Turn on your ASIC mining machine power and connect to the network.

Step 2

Find your ASIC mining machine IP address in your local network manager. You can find your mining machine IP address by accessing your router and viewing the DHCP page.

Step 3

Log in to the mining machine management page, and the default username and password are “root".

How do I connect your Antminer mining machine to 1024Mining?

Step 1

Turn on your ASIC mining machine power and connect to the network.

Step 2

Find the IP address on your Innosilicon ASIC mining machine and there is a label with a default IP address.

Step 3

Use this IP address in your browser.

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